Entry to Westfalia class redefined! [20.05.2014]

With the new Amundsen 540 D Westfalia presents one of its highlights for the coming caravan exhibition in Düsseldorf from 30.08. until 07.09.2014. A full grown layout with washroom, kitchen, fixed double bed and comfortable seats on a compact length of 5.40 m make the vehicle very attractive.

Westfalia Mobil GmbH belongs to the pioneers among the campers’ manufacturers. More than 60 years ago the first van was converted into a camper in the eastern westphalian town Wiedenbrück – at that time the VW Bully T1. During these 60 years the company remains true to its maxims and concentrates on its core business: the van conversion and pursues its leadership through innovative technologies. Whether Club Joker, James Cook, Sven Hedin or Columbus; all of them that left the production line in Wiedenbrück were milestones of camper construction.

The Amundsen 540, the youngest „child“of the Amundsen family is expected to carry on with Westfalia’s tradition. The engineers achieved successfully to combine optimally all characteristics of a leisure car such as living area, cooking, sleeping and freshing up within the compact space of the vehicle. The mobility allowed by the short wheel base of the new Fiat Ducato offers every day the same utility as a normal car. Driving to the office during the week, as well as bringing you to mountains for the a
weekend journey or even spending holidays in Spain, all is possible with one vehicle.

The Amundsen 540 would not be a real Westfalia if it would not fit to Westfalia’s philosophy : technologies, innovations and fresh design With the help of the diesel operating heating system by Truma and the compressor fridge, this camper is self-substaining. The fridge is mounted at the front side of the kitchen block and easy accessible from outside or inside the car. The loading space at the rear is huge so that bulky luggage as bicycles or other sport equipment can be stored quickly an easy. More storage is also reachable behind the large compartment outside door ,.A rare feature in this vehicle class is the washroom that proposes a shower as well as a wash-bowl so that the entire layout of the Amundsen stay accessible at any times.

The automotive Westfalia’s quality, the innovative design and the comfortable distance between the seats in the dining area are many arguments speaking in of the Amundsen 540 that will become a real milestone. So many positive aspects combined with an attractive price should convince to enter in the exclusive Westfalia’s class.